Hilary Scott is a multiple award-winning singer-songwriter who brings her unique brand of melodic and lyrically memorable songs to audiences nationally and internationally.  Euro Ferrari, renowned for his work in all genres and with famous artists (Clapton, Sting, Pavarotti) all over the world, when speaking of Hilary Scott and her music said:  “…Hilary Scott writes and sings in a way that creates a fascinating and intimate world, and it is enough for her to utilize only a whisper to raise deep emotions in the listener, her voice is absolutely extraordinary in its emotional greatness… it would be difficult for her pop/country style not to enter deep into the heart, in every way.”


Hilary Scott’s new album – Freight Train Love – Release date November 4th!

Freight Train Love

  “Scott has a sharp pen, a smoking voice and more soul than a white girl sounding like a white girl should have.” –Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Hilary Scott has a soulful and beautifully expressive voice that knocks it out of the park…Listen Up!…It’ll make you HAPPY!”–Bob Glaub (Journey, Lennon Fogarty, Springsteen, Ronstadt, Raitt, Cher, Jackson Brown)

Listen to the title track Freight Train Love

Read more about the album and listen to more tracks: Freight Train Love

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New video Flowers On Mars!


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Hilary Scott Is Living Freight Train Love

Riveting Riffs
Joe Montague of Riveting Riffs reviews Freight Train Love and has this to say, “… “Freight Train Love,” is one of the best songs that Riveting Riffs Magazine has listened to this year. Hilary Scott has been a secret that has been kept from too many for far too long....

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